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SKU: Charger48V-3holes

Elektro fahrrad Akku Ladegerät 48V 3.0A 3 Löcher

$65.91 USD
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  • 【3-Hole Discharge Design】 This charger is suitable for lithium batteries of some models of CEAYA Bike Shop ebikes (ebikes that use the 3-hole charging design). Please make sure your e-bike battery is matched with it before purchase.
  • 【Output Power】Maximum output power is 163.8W, 6-7 hours to fill the battery once, can quickly meet your charging needs
  • 【Intelligent Charging】Red light means it is charging, green light means the battery is fully charged, automatic power off.
  • 【Charger Material】The charger shell is made of high temperature, abrasion and impact resistant ABS+PC synthetic material, the internal structure is upgraded from fan heat dissipation to heat sink heat dissipation, which effectively improves the life of the heat dissipation structure, safeguards the heat dissipation of the power supply and ensures that the internal temperature of the power supply does not exceed the standard.
  • 【Provided guarantee】If you have any questions or are not satisfied with our products, please contact us by email and we will provide you with assistance to solve your worries.

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