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What types of batteries are available for electric bikes?

What types of batteries are available for electric bikes?

The batteries are the power source of electric bikes. The majority of electric bikes are equipped with lead-acid batteries, which have low cost and high cost performance. The following is a specific introduction of "What types of batteries are available for electric bikes".
1. Lead acid battery: low price, low maintenance cost, sophisticated manufacturing process, stable performance, good applicability, high recycling rate; However, it has large volume and poor durability;
2. Lithium battery: light weight, many charging and discharging cycles, high rated voltage, high temperature applicability and environmental protection, etc; However, the safety is not very well, and there is a risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion under high temperature;
3. Ni MH battery: high energy density, good low-temperature performance, no memory effect, strong overcharge resistance, safe and pollution-free; It is resistant to high temperature difference and low working voltage. Its overall price is higher than that of lead-acid battery and lithium battery, but its overall performance is worse than that of lithium ion battery.
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