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How to choose the right sensor for your e-bike

How to choose the right sensor for your e-bike

In the ebike market, we have the following two common sensors, which are:Torque Sensor and Cadence Sensor
Next we will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of both:
Torque Sensor
-Principle of operation: Timely activation of the motor assist device according to the pedalling force of the pedals.
-Disadvantage: Higher subsequent maintenance and upkeep costs
-Pros: The motor assist response of e-bikes using this booster is relatively fast, suitable for users with sufficient budget who want to get power response in time.
Cadence Sensor
-Works Timely activation of motor assist function according to riding speed.
-Disadvantage: Motor response is not as fast as torque sensing system, and there is a delay of about 1 second when the motor is activated in pedal assist mode in low gear.
Advantages: Fully meet the daily commuting use, low maintenance cost, suitable for the pursuit of cost-effective e-bike users.

In summary:
1. If you have enough budget, and you want the ebike's motor-assist response to be fast, then an ebike with Torque Sensor is the best choice, e.g. Electric Mountain Bike L03.
2.If your budget is limited and the ebike is mainly used for commuting, then you can consider a cost-effective Cadence Sensor ebike, Electric bike A20.
Hope you can find the most suitable ebike for you!

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