CEAYA+ Series Ebikes SML100

Electric Bicycle
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Product Description

This is a pure hybrid bike, and the throttle-free handlebar design brings you back to pure riding habits. Every time you step on the pedal, the 250W Bafang mid-mounted motor will give you a powerful auxiliary power, making your riding easier. The 14Ah removable lithium battery can last up to 80-110km. The cool colorful color-changing paint surface is the perfect combination of light and frame, and the laser effect makes you an absolutely dazzling character on the road when riding!

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▪Cool Appearance: pure mountain bike genes, novel and elegant laser paint finish. The paint finish of SML100 will show different color effects indoors and in sunlight.

▪Mid-Mounted Power: Adopt high-end ebike standard configuration - mid-mounted motor power system. 250W of power is enough to get you uphill with ease.

▪5-Levels Assist: The electronic system has 5 levels of motor assist, which you can switch at will during riding.

▪Long Battery life: 14Ah large-capacity lithium battery can last 80-110km when fully charged.

▪Excellent Off-road performance: Equipped with 27.5*2.1 inch all-terrain tires, and the front fork suspension can be locked. Ergonomic low drag racing saddles, Shimano racing gear levers, hydraulic brakes and other high-end mountain bike mechanical accessories allow you to easily overcome deep mountains and forests.

Mechanical Configuration

▪Frame Material:Aluminum alloy
▪Wheel Size(IN):
▪Suspension Type:
Front Suspension
▪Brake Type:
Dual Disc Brake
▪Net Weight(KG):
▪Rear Luggage Rack:
Cannot be installed

Electronic Configuration

▪Instrument:Colorful LCD-Display
▪Motor Type:Mid drive motor
▪Motor Output Power:250W
▪Number of Motor Assist Levels:5
▪Battery Capacity:14.0Ah
▪Lighting Configuration:None

What Is In The Box

Electric Bike
Portable Assembly Tool

Electric Bike Size Chart

It is suitable for many people who love to ride. Recommended height is:

165-200cm / 5.41-6.56ft


Max Load:150KG