Electric bike Bicycle Disc Brake Pads For Ebike WL01/MX02S/RX20/R8/RX80/RX50

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Product Description

As each ebike may use a different brake system and model, if you are not sure if your ebike brake pads are the same, please contact our professional customer service and attach a photo of your original brakes. We will be happy to assist you.

▪What you will get: 2 pairs/4 pairs resin bicycle brake pads for convenient and timely replacement and longer service time

▪Material: resin brake pads can minimize the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, reduce the noise fast smooth road, suitable for smooth road riding

▪Quality cycle brake pads: our products have passed strict inspection and control, and are without asbestos, iron and harmful substances

▪Feature: fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, wear-resistant, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient

▪Compatible with: M315, M355 M515, M515-LA-M, M525. NexaveC501, C601, M375, M395, M415, M416, M446, M465, M475, M485, M486 oil such as appearance can be applied as a plate