Electric Mountain Bike MX01 CEAYA

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Product Description

A multi-purpose electric bicycle with a classic design. It can be used for daily commuting, food delivery, or mountain expeditions. Full suspension + 26 inch fat tires, allowing you to pass all kinds of roads, such as snow, sand, mountains, etc. It is suitable for riders with a height of 165-200cm.


▪Full suspension: the front fork suspension + rear suspension can be locked, which can effectively reduce the shock caused by uneven roads and make your riding more comfortable.

▪Comfort: The seat has an ergonomic design, the seat has a thickener and a high elastic sealing strip, which makes long distance driving more comfortable.

▪Robustness: The frame is made of a tough 6061 aluminum alloy. The mountain bike can be folded up and placed on the bike to save space. The pedals can also be folded.

▪Smart: It has a 3.5 inch multifunctional smart meter. Check power, gear, speed, mileage and headlights.

▪Thick Tires: 26 * 4.0 inch motorcycle: Super thick, wear-resistant rubber that increases the vehicle's load-bearing capacity, can withstand larger impacts, and is suitable for any terrain.

Mechanical Configuration

▪Frame Material:Aluminum alloy
▪Wheel Size(IN):
▪Suspension Type:
Dual Suspension
▪Brake Type:
Dual Disc Brake
▪Net Weight(KG):
▪Rear Luggage Rack:

Electronic Configuration

▪Motor Type:Rear hub motor
▪Motor Output Power:1000W
▪Number of Motor Assist Levels:5
▪Battery Capacity:12.8Ah
▪Lighting Configuration:LED Headlight+LED Tailight

What Is In The Box

Electric Bike

Electric Bike Size Chart

It is suitable for many people who love to ride. Recommended height is:

165-200cm / 5.41-6.56ft


Max Load:180KG