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What do you need for a short cycling trip?

What do you need for a short cycling trip?

Are you planning an easy short ride during the season?
If you are thinking about this, this article should help you.
First of all, you should choose a suitable route, you should consider whether the route can allow bicycles to pass, and you should also consider your own physical factors, whether you can complete this trip completely.
The second is to consider the riding equipment you should carry. In this article, we mainly focus on short-distance travel (within 1 day of riding time and mileage within 100KM). The principle of selecting equipment should be light and practical.

We mainly recommend from the following aspects:
1. Helmet: Safety is the first priority. Be sure to choose a riding helmet with corresponding quality inspection certification.
2. Magic headscarf: It has a very practical function and can be used as a dust mask when riding, or a towel for sweating.
3. Cycling sports glasses: not only can protect against ultraviolet rays, but also wind and flying insects. When choosing cycling glasses, in addition to wearing comfort, you should also choose the right lens color according to your own situation.
4. Raincoat: There are unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary. There are many kinds of raincoats, it is recommended to buy separate ones, it will be inconvenient to ride in one piece.
5. Electronic products: mobile phones, power banks, etc. In addition, the mobile phone holder is also very important, which is convenient for placing mobile phones or GPS.
6. Medical bag: According to the destination of the ride and your own situation, you can bring basic first aid medicines such as debridement medicines, anti-sudden death medicines, and mosquito repellent water in travel packages.
7. Bicycle bag: Consider using a backpack or bike pannier of the right capacity depending on the amount of things you want to carry
8. Bicycle lights: The front and rear tail lights of the bicycle must be equipped. When riding at night, in addition to lighting, they also have the role of position lights.
9. Portable bike repair tools: If the space is suitable, you can bring a set of inner tube tire patch or inner tube, portable bicycle pump, portable tools, etc.
10. Bicycle lock: In order to protect your car, a car lock is essential.
11. Food: You can bring some snacks for physical strength during short trips. Of course, drinking water is also essential.

Okay, with all this basic gear, you're basically 50% ready for a short ride. So what more do you need? A proper electric bike of course!

Why electric bikes?

Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes are less labor-intensive and allow you to go further. When choosing an electric bicycle suitable for travel, the following three aspects should be mainly considered: safety, comfort, and auxiliary cruising distance.
In terms of travel tools, you can consider using the newly launched CEAYA WL01, which adopts hydraulic brakes with power-off function to ensure the braking safety of riders during intense riding, ergonomic handlebars, grips, and double suspension with thickened The foam saddle design allows you to have a comfortable riding experience even on uneven roads. There are three optional riding modes, and the pure electric cruising range of 50KM can meet 80% of your short-distance travel or daily travel needs. If you need to travel for a long time, you only need to buy an extra battery.


Get your riding gear and electric bike ready, get close to nature, and have a relaxing and enjoyable ride!

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