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CEAYA Electric Bike R8-S

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Electric Folding Bike R8S
Foldable / Shimano 8 Speed /20*4.0IN Fat Tires

The CEAYA Electric Bike R8S is a foldable commuter ebike. 20IN tyres with a curved frame design and easy handling are its most prominent features, making the ebike suitable for most people, such as youths, seniors, women or those who don't like the large size of Ebikes. With this ebike, you can stop worrying about traffic jams, ride uphill sections with ease and enjoy your riding time.

Easy Assembly:
90% of the parts are already assembled before shipping, you just need to simply install the handlebars, saddle, pedals and other simple accessories,then you are ready to ride. ebike electrical parts are guaranteed for 1 year and we usually deliver the product within 5-10 days, whether you have any technical or service questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide a video tutorial or professional guidance.

Special Note On Logos:
Due to the branding strategy, our products may use different logos in different countries and regions, electric bikes logo are usually shipped randomly from the warehouse. If you receive an e-bike with a logo that does not match the one on the detail page, please do not worry, this does not affect your normal use of the e-bike and we assure you that the quality,models, configuration and warranty policy of all products are the same as described on the detail page. So please do not mind.


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Color: Black

About this item

  • Folding Ebike: Made of lightweight and high-strength 6061 aluminium alloy, the frame can be easily folded in just 3 steps. The seat height is easily adjustable and the ebike has a net weight of approx. 25 KG and a maximum load of approx. 150 KG.
  • Electric Trekking Bike: The curved tube construction gives the ebike R8S better commuting properties. You don't need to lift your legs to get on the E-bike as you do on an electric mountain bike, and it's easy to get on even with a skirt. This is perfect for older people or female riders.
  • Electric Commuter Bike: the CEAYA Electric Bike R8S can be fitted with a front basket and rear rack, both of which are available to you as a bonus. This way you can make your electric bicyle even more practical, whether it's a trip to the supermarket or taking your pet out with you, it will meet your needs.
  • Powerful Electric Bike: The powerful rear hub high-speed brushless motor delivers 80 N-M of auxiliary power. When the motor is activated, you also activate the assist mode while pedalling, which saves you 50% of the riding power. So you can overcome hills with ease and have plenty of energy to ride further!
  • Dual Disc Brake Ebike: R8S features a new brake system with hydraulic brakes that eliminate the need for frequent maintenance of the cable brakes, and the Shimano 8-speed shifter makes the ride even more fun.

Mechanical Specifications

-Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
-Wheel Size(IN): 20.0
-Suspension Type: Front Suspension
-Brake Type: Dual Disc Brake
-Net Weight(KG): 25.0
-Rear Luggage:Installable

Electronic Specifications

-Instrument: Colorful LCD-Display
-Voltage: 48V
-Motor Type:Rear hub motor
-Motor Output Power: 800W
-Number of Motor Assist Levels: 5
-Battery Capacity: 20.0Ah
-Lighting Configuration: LED Headlight+LED Tailight
-Range: Range up to 60KM / 37 Miles with a 70KG / 154lbs load

Bike Dimension

To ensure your riding safety and the ebike is right for you, please read the following carefully:

  • It is suitable for many people who love to ride. Recommended height is: 160-195cm / 5.24-6.40ft
  • Max Load:150KG

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We have equality warranty and provide after-sale customer service for the product. If any quality issue, please feel free to contact us, we will offer professional instructions and solutions timely.

Warranty and Guarantee

We have 6 months or 1 year warranty for different accessories. The specific warranty period for bicycle accessories is as follows.


Warranty Period

Example Problems



Suspension Fork

6 months

1. Natural sealing off.

Any damages caused by misuse are not covered under the waranty

2. Fracture key parts crack.


3.Fork fracture.


1 Year

1.Internal gear break.

Any damages caused by misuse are not covered under the waranty

2.Bearing broken.

3.The wheel hub shell cracking.

4.Coil burned.

5.Magnets off.

6.clamping stagnation or have serious noise, not the normal operation


6 months

Not be charged

Problems occured after unauthorized modification will not be covered


1 Year

1.protection function failure.

Problems occured after unauthorized modification will not be covered



6 months

Not working

Problems occured after unauthorized modification will not be covered


6 months

Not working, no display

Problems occured after unauthorized modification will not be covered


1 Year

Rust, damage

Problems occured after unauthorized modification will not be covered


6 months

Not work

Any damages caused by misuse are not covered under the waranty


6 months

Not work

Expansion Brake

6 months

Not work


6 months

Not work



One of the following is not eligible for warranty:
1. Test and dispose of electric bicycles sold, such as bicycles for test riding, bicycles at special auctions or other special products that are clearly marked as not applicable to the CEAYA warranty policy when they are sold.
2. Products or accessories that exceed the above warranty period.
3. Damage caused by accident or improper use by users.
4. Loss or damage caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters, force majeure or chemical attack
5. For accessories that do not need to be returned, proof materials such as videos or pictures cannot be provided.
6. The user modifies the bicycle, modifies or increases or decreases the damage caused by other accessories.
7. Consumables or consumables in normal use (such as accessory coatings, inner tubes, threads, sprockets, chains, pedals). It is not subject to personal injury, damage, normal wear and tear.
8. All accessories or equipment that are sold as free bonuses with the purchase of an electric bike.
9. Stolen electric bikes.
10. Electric bikes for resale.

Responsibility statement
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2. In no event shall CEAYA be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages or liabilities (including but not limited to loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the product or any other indirect or incidental damage).
4. Accessories sold on ceayabikes.com are not covered under warranty.
5. Please take the necessary precautions to ensure that the bicycle and battery are not exposed to harsh weather conditions. Exposure to very humid, hot or cold conditions may void the warranty.
6. We will provide a replacement or repair after-sales service plan for any parts that are considered damaged during transportation. Shipping damage must be reported to CEAYA within 7 days of the arrival of the shipment. This applies to all products, including bikes and accessories.
7. Most warranty parts shipment schedules will be completed within 2-5 business days after the customer service representative submits the shipment request. Warranty accessories are sent by international express or logistics according to the size of the accessories. Warranty parts will not be expedited, so shipping times may differ from when the product was purchased.
8. Please note that CEAYA will not replace any parts without viewing photos or videos of damaged products. Clients need to provide us with evidence via email.

Other after-sales service instructions

Exchanges and Returns
1. If you do not receive a shipping notification, you can cancel or modify this order by contacting our customer via email. Our customer service will help you cancel or modify your order within 24 hours of receiving the email. Since emails are not instant responses, we may find that your order has been dispatched within 24 hours. In this case, we cannot help you cancel or amend your order. Therefore, please check the order information carefully before placing an order.
2. If you have received a shipping notification, please note that we cannot cancel or modify the order. So wait for your package to arrive, you can keep it or contact us to return it for a refund. Please do not refuse delivery, as unpaid packages can cause problems with the goods, etc.
3. If the package does not arrive in time, please contact us within 1 month after delivery, we will reply you within 24 hours. Late requests will not be accepted.
4. Before returning any item, you must contact us and obtain our written approval. Any unacceptable product will not be refunded. If the returned goods affect the second sale, our company will charge the cost and packing fee.

Shipping Damage Claims
1. In rare cases, the item you receive may be damaged during shipping. In the event of shipping damage, please contact buyer-supoort@ceayabikes.com and provide photo or video proof.
2. All free bonus accessories or equipment will not be replaced or compensated if damaged during transportation.
3. For offline bike shop repair services, CEAYA will only provide free replacement parts. We do not reimburse any labor costs incurred in repair services.

For warranty service, please contact buyer-supoort@ceayabikes.com or Ceaya online customer service by email. Returning bikes or parts without proper documentation may result in delayed service or denial of warranty coverage. Warranty return shipping and duties and taxes are the responsibility of the claimant. All unauthorized returns will be rejected.

This warranty is solely provided to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.
CEAYA will repair or replace the product free of charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts at our sole discretion. Alternatives may be different, but function the same.

ceayabikes.com reserves the right to change the warranty at any time without notice.

Last updated: [21/03/2022]

  • 800W

    Rear Hub Motor

  • Folding in 3 Step

    Foldable Frame

Enjoyable Riding Experience With R8S

Designed For Comfortable Riding Experience

  • Front Suspension

    The fork spring suspension has an effective damping travel of approximately 10cm, which effectively reduces the vibration caused by uneven surfaces and allows you to control the ebike's direction of travel even when riding on bad roads as if it were flat.

  • Wider Saddle

    Obviously, the R8S is fitted with a huge saddle, which is ergonomically designed with three-dimensional foam plasticity and a surface that fits better to the line of the body's hips. There are two sets of springs under the saddle for shock absorption, which makes for a comfortable ride and is ideal for longer rides.

  • Shimano 8-Speed Transmission

    To give you more options in riding mode for different road conditions (e.g. uphill, gentle, paved, downhill) the R8 uses a 1:8 freewheels system which shifts smoothly and consistently, saving you energy on your ride and allowing you to ride easier and further.

  • Responsive Brakes

    The braking system uses a hydraulic oil brake system that is maintenance-free and the 160MM discs feature fast heat dissipation and consistent performance. The braking system also automatically cuts off power to the motor when you brake, which makes it safer when you brake in an emergency.

  • Ebike lighting

    Features a newly designed large LED headlight with integrated electronic horn and a lumen distance of approx. 10M and a separately powered LED tail light (3 flashing modes) for the rear tail light. The front light + tail light make you safer riding at night.

  • Long battery life

    48V20AH removable high-capacity lithium battery, light in mass but large in capacity, with a service life of about 1200 cycles of charging and discharging or 11-12 months. It can be fully charged in 5-6 hours per charge and has a range of 75-80KM in boost mode. the detachable design gives you more flexibility in charging.

  • Colourful Instrumentation

    The waterproof meter with colour screen and cool management page allows you to monitor the status of the ebike at any time, such as speed, mileage, battery level, voltage, fault codes etc.

  • Easy to Ride

    With R8S‘s 80N-M high-speed brushless motor and rear-mounted design, it gives you great auxiliary power while you ride. Even uphill conditions can be easily overcome with the help of the booster mode.

Pedal Assist System(PAS)

What makes e-bikes special is their Pedal Assist System (PAS). People think that e-bikes cannot be used for exercise, however this is not the case. In fact, PAS allows the cyclist to pedal in a more comfortable and efficient way.
Cyclists can ride the bike entirely on pedals, using only the motor, or a combination of both (PAS). In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedalling and activates the motor to assist and power the ride.
Of course, the type of sensors and supported power assist modes may vary from ebike assist to ebike assist. The riding experience will also be slightly different.

The riding modes supported by R8S are:

  • Throttle mode
  • Pedal assist mode(PAS)
  • Riding mode

The type of sensor used is: Cadence Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions


What is in the box of ebike R8S?

Rear Rack, Electric Bike, Manual, Front Basket, Charger, LED Headlight, Tool

What countries do you ship to?

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How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Handing Time takes about 1-3 days.
  • Standard shipping normally takes 7-15 days.
  • International shipping times depend on the products and destination (estimated at checkout).

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How do I return a product?

Items must be returned within 14 days after receiving your order. Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received, be unworn/unused, have any tags still attached, and include all the original packaging.

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How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed within 7 days from when we receive the item(s).

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$1,479.00 USD



Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Wheel Size





Colorful LCD-Display




Rear hub motor






Dual Disc Brake

Rear Rack


Net Weight(KG)


Max Load


Rider Height

160-195cm / 5.24-6.40ft


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