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CEAYA Electric Bike R8-2023

$1,542.45 USD
Coming Soon!

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Color: Black

Coming Soon! Oops ! it's sold out now.
  • Foldable

    Bike Frame

  • 800W


  • 20 Inch

    Fat tires

  • 8 Speed


  • 20.0AH

    Detachable Battery

20 Inch Electric City Bike for Men & Women

The ebike's benefits to commuters are many-fold particularly in towns and cities. Leaving the car at home and going by electric bike saves on fuel and parking charges and has a positive impact on the environment too. Not only are you having a ‘green’ effect by reducing emissions and noise pollution they can also have a positive effect on stress levels when you no longer have to sit in traffic jams.

A battery bike is fun to ride

An electric bicycle is kinder to the environment than your car, easier to ride than a conventional bicycle, provides exercise, can save you money, handy for luggage carrying (such as shopping), most importantly Fun to Ride.

Battery powered bikes give freedom to leisure riders

Electric bikes are ideal for leisure riders too. What could be better than the chance to get out in the fresh air to enjoy the countryside or cityscape?

3 Riding Modes

  • ELECTRIC MODE:The motor works 100% and acceleration is controlled by the thumb throttle. No foot pedal required. Easy and effortless.
  • ASSIST MODE:1-5Level motor assist, the motor provides 50% of the power, suitable for uphill use, so you can easily overcome uphill, and this mode is also the most energy-saving, the average range of 75-80km (50mi).
  • RIDING MODE:The motor is not working, and the ebike gears can be adjusted according to the road conditions through Shimano 8-speed gearing system, which is suitable for exercise.

Special Note On Logos:
Due to the branding strategy, our products may use different logos in different countries and regions, electric bikes logo are usually shipped randomly from the warehouse. If you receive an e-bike with a logo that does not match the one on the detail page, please do not worry, this does not affect your normal use of the e-bike and we assure you that the quality,models, configuration and warranty policy of all products are the same as described on the detail page. So please do not mind.

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$1,542.45 USD



Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Wheel Size





Colorful LCD-Display




Rear hub motor






Dual Disc Brake

Rear Rack


Net Weight(KG)


Max Load


Rider Height

165-200cm / 5.41-6.56ft


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