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Cycling Trivia: Mountain Bike Subcategory - XC Mountian Bike

Cycling Trivia: Mountain Bike Subcategory - XC Mountian Bike

Mountain bike XC stands for Cross Country and is a general cross-country bike.
It is also the lightest and most practical of the mountain bikes. It is more in pursuit of light weight and high speed passability, so the new models are mostly 29" large wheel diameter.
Most of them have a rigid frame and 80-120mm fork travel.
The XC is basically a "jack-of-all-trades" type, which can be used on all roads and off-road. However, due to the small travel of the shock, it cannot absorb large vibrations and can only be used in light off-road conditions (roads with little difference in height between individual obstacles).

Summing Up:
A. Advantages
1. Adaptable to a wide range of road conditions, lightweight and practical
2. Strong climbing performance
3. Front suspension structure
B. Disadvantages:
Small shock travel, cannot absorb large vibrations, can only adapt to light off-road class
For representative models, please refer to RX60/F1/M90
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