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How to choose an electric bike helmet?

How to choose an electric bike helmet?

The biggest advantage of wearing a helmet on an electric bike is for safety, it can minimize the damage once an accident occurs.The following is a specific introduction of "How to choose an electric bike helmet".
1. We'd better to check whether the electric bike helmet has a production license before purchasing.
2. In addition to the top lining and hoops, the middle of two layers of a qualified helmet shall be made of high-density foam plastic as a buffer layer.
3. We should look at the tag label to see the material when purchasing, and squeeze inward from the front, back and sides. If the helmet is easy to deform, it can not be purchased.
4. When trying on a electric bike helmet, check whether the head fits with the lining, and whether the cheek is properly tightened after the buckle is closed. If you buy a full helmet, you should not feel pressure on your ears when wearing it.
5. It is better to choose a electric bike helmet that covers the whole face, so that the helmet can provide the most comprehensive protection in a collision accident, and protect all positions of the head, including the chin. It is a helmet with the best protection effect.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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