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How to choose an electric bike, what are the advantages?

How to choose an electric bike, what are the advantages?

In recent years, electric bikes are very common in our life. There are some problems when we choose an electric bikes, such as brand, type, appearance, feeling and procedures, etc. The following is the specific introduction of the "How to choose an electric bike and Advantages".
Ⅰ.How to choose an electric bike
1. Brand. You can choose the well-known brands, that quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.
2. Type. It has different safety and performance, you can choose the simple and portable type.
3. Appearance. Pay attention to the surface smoothness, gloss, welding, paint and electroplating quality.
4. Feeling. Take a test ride, feel whether the vehicle starts, accelerates and runs smoothly, whether the vehicle is comfortable to operate, and check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility and wheel mobility.
5. Procedures. Check whether the production license, operation manual and qualification are valid and complete, and check whether the accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether it is a locally approved vehicle type.
6. Configuration. Whether important parts are brand products, such as battery, motor, charger, controller, tire, rotary brake handle, etc.
Ⅱ. Advantages of electric bike
1. Small size, fast speed, convenient and flexible;
2. Easy to learn and operate. Many people are self-taught, and it don't need a driver's license.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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