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How to clean the electric bike?

How to clean the electric bike?

Electric bikes will be stained with a lot of dust and mud in daily life, it not only affect the appearance of electric bikes, but also affecting the charging and braking of bikes.The following is a specific introduction of "How to clean the electric bike".
1. Dust the electric bike
Use a duster to remove dust from the electric bike surface,because the electric bike will leave particles on the surface after long-term use. If the bike is directly wiped with a rag, the paint will be damaged and the appearance will be affected. It can also be flushed with a water gun at low pressure, it should be flushed from top to bottom and avoid the key parts such as motor, battery and circuit.
2. Clean with neutral detergent
Drop the detergent into the washbasin filled with clean water, then drop the rag into it for wetting, and wipe the whole bike, especially the lower part of the electric bike. In case of dirt that is difficult to clean, use a rag to soften it and then remove it. Be careful not to use sharp tools to scratch stubborn stains, so as not to damage electric bike parts.It should be noted that professional bike cleaning agents should be used. Some people will use the detergent at home to replace them directly. Although these detergents can really wash the bike clean, but they have different ingredients, PH values, etc., it will cause irreversible damage to the bike surface.
3. Rinse with clean water
We need to clean the foam left on the bike body again with clean water. It should be noted that the water column of the water gun should be at an angle with the bike body, so that sewage can flow down with the trend. For those parts that are prone to dust and scale accumulation, they should be repeatedly washed.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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