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How to increase the battery life of electric bike?

How to increase the battery life of electric bike?

A lot of people should be looking at the battery life of electric bike,some aspects are important to note here,like battery capacity,battery and motor faults,resistance factor,etc.The following is a specific introduction of "How to increase the battery life of electric bike".
1.Increase the battery capacity
Basically, you can take a battery pack with higher capacity. Generally speaking, the battery life can be increased by more than half.
2.Repair battery and motor faults
Generally speaking, battery life of electric bike has much to do with the battery and motor. Users can rectify the faults one by one,if a single battery is faulty,you can choose to regroup it. If the whole battery is faulty,you need to be replaced.In addition, if the motor is rusted and demagnetized, you can disassemble the motor to clean it. Generally speaking, it can improve the battery life of lectric bike.
3.Repair resistance factor
Generally speaking, you can adjust the brake tightness and tire pressure to reduce driving resistance,so as to increase the battery life.
4.Form good habits
It mainly includes not to park the electric bike in the open air, not mixed chargers, not overcharging, not excessive discharge, not driving with low power, etc.If users do these habits, they can protect the battery to prolong, so as to make the electric bike run farther.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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