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How to maintain electric bikes in summer?

How to maintain electric bikes in summer?

Temperatures were particularly high in the summer,we should pay attention to something about electric bike,such as parking place,charging habits and tire pressure.The following is a specific introduction of "How to maintain electric bikes in summer".
1. Select appropriate parking place
The weather in summer is unpredictable and uncertain. Exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of plastic parts, and rain will rust metal parts. In case of rain and ponding, water flooding the hub center will easily lead to water ingress into the motor. Therefore, it is better to put the electric bike in the underground garage or a ventilated place in summer to avoid humid and high temperature environment.
2. Good charging habits
Hot weather will lead to higher battery surface temperature, which will damage the battery life. Secondly, it is better to charge as you use them for lithium batteries, and you must not recharge them when the battery is empty, which will lead to a loss of battery life; In addition, do not charge the battery immediately after riding, because the battery has heat after riding. Charging at this time will overheat the battery and affect the battery life.
3. Pay attention to tire pressure
The temperature is high in summer, the external atmospheric pressure will decrease, which will easily lead to high tire pressure. When the tire pressure is too high, it resulting in an increase in the load on the electric bike during riding.In addition, too high tire pressure will accelerate the wear of tire crown and reduce the rolling resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a tire pressure monitoring device and pay attention to the tire pressure.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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