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How to maintain the battery of electric bike?

How to maintain the battery of electric bike?

Battery is the power source of electric bike, it is one of the most important part,so check the maintenance of battery is very necessary in daily operation.The following is a specific introduction of the "How to maintain the battery of electric bike".
Ⅰ.How to maintain the battery of electric bike?
1. The electric bike should be light, with good performance. The battery life of the simple model is longer, because the wheel diameter is large, and the battery burden is light. However, some electric bikes have brushless motor or high-speed motor, and the discharge current is smaller,so it has the long life.
2.Batteries should be a good brand.Gererally speaking,good brand means good quality.
3.Select a good charger. Because the battery is not worn out, but charged out. So choose a good charger is crucial.
4.If the electric bicycle battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated environment. And recharge the battery at least once every two months to avoid battery cell deactivation and make it unusable.
5.In a general way, it is necessary to use manual assistance when you starting and climbing. Don't overload or drive fast, and charge frequently.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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