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How to maintain the electric bike,what are the accessories?

How to maintain the electric bike,what are the accessories?

The maintenance of electric bike is very important, it can helps extend the usable life of electric bike, meanwhile,some accessories are also necessary.The following is a specific introduction of the "Maintenance and accessories of electric bike".
Ⅰ.Maintenance of electric bike
1.The new electric bike should be fully charged before use.
2.Keep the battery dry and clean.
You should remove and clean the battery regularly, and prevent the battery from discharging
by itself.
3.The battery shall be installed securely on the electric bicycle to prevent being damaged
when riding. It is forbidden to throw, roll over or press the battery during handling.
4. It is necessary to use the pedal When the electric bike start. If there is no pedal, you
can use the foot to push the ground to help it start. When going uphill, you can use the
pedal, so as to avoid damaging the battery due to excessive discharge current.
5. Charging the battery every night.
Don't keep low battery for a long time, and form a good habit of charging the battery every
night. If it is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged, and put it in a cool
and dry place. keep regularly charged, about 10 days.
Ⅱ.Electric bike's accessories
The speed of electric bike is much higher than bike, so it is necessary to use helmets to
protect the head. In addition, higher speed also means that accident will be more serious
than ordinary bike once it occurs. Therefore, wearing full face helmets, gloves, elbow pads
is very necessary.
Electric bikes are usually much more expensive than traditional bikes,a hardened steel
chain lock, U-bolt and folding lock are all good chooses.
3.Spare tire
A flat tire is inevitable,it's necessary to carry a spare tire, it will help you at
critical moments.
4.Inflator pump
When you fill a tire after replacement or repair, you need an inflator pump. Most inflator
pumps are miniature, it is necessary to choose a labor-saving inflatior pump and get ready
before going out, so as to save much trouble.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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