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How to prevent electric bikes from slipping?

How to prevent electric bikes from slipping?

Snow in winter will bring many troubles to people's travel. When we ride electric bikes on snowy days, it's easy to slip. What to do in winter when riding an electric bicycle,the following is a specific introduction of "How to prevent electric bikes from slipping".
1.Don't have too much tyre gas. When riding an electric bike in snowy days, check whether the brake fails before going out; Keep a high degree of concentration when cycling,don't carry too heavy things on the bike. It is better to release the gas to 2/3 of the normal inflation volume,it can increase the contact area between the wheel and the ground can prevent skidding.
2.Try to lower the bike seat and the center of gravity. Keep a distance of more than 3m from the bike in front to prevent the bike in front from slipping and tripping.
3.Don't brake hard. Otherwise, the wheels will slip and lose balance. You can ride slowly and get off early in case of any situation.
4.Try to avoid sharp turns. The larger the turning radius is, the safer it will be.
5.Do not cut in with motor vehicles. Prevent being bumped by vehicles with side slip; When encountering snow covered ground and uneven ice surface, it is better to get off and push.
6.When entering a curve to brake, you'd better to use the rear brake as much as possible, otherwise sideslip may occur. When braking, try to keep the bike body perpendicular to the road. When passing through sections with severe icing, try not to brake and control the speed.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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