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How to ride an electric bike in bad weather?

How to ride an electric bike in bad weather?

When riding an electric bike in bad weather,there are some problems that require attention,such as storage,turning,speed and bike condition.The following is a specific introduction of "How to ride an electric bike in bad weather".
1.When the snow is too heavy, the roads and some low-lying areas will be covered by heavy snow, which seems flat on the surface, but there are hidden safety hazards under the snow. Therefore, you must take care the seemingly flat snow surface.
2.Some people park the electric bike directly,they think the battery is still charged, so they can not charge without cycling.If you store the battery in this way, you will find that when you ride again, and you can no longer charge it.
3.It is very easy to slip on slippery roads when turning, and most traffic accidents occur when turning at intersections. Therefore, we should abide by the traffic rules when crossing or turning by electric bikes,and do not turn too fast.
4.In such bad weather, even cars should be driven at a low speed,so we should keep driving at a low speed. Not only the climbing speed be slow, but also the acceleration on the flat road and the downhill should be slow. Do not speed up or brake hard, or skidding may occur easily.
5.In cold weather, no matter you wear a hat or a scarf, you must not block your vision, especially when turning or changing lanes, you must pay attention to the side and rear vehicles.
6.Pay attention to check whether the brake is abnormal before going out, and ensure that the steering lamp is trouble free and can be used correctly. In addition, on rainy and snowy days, the tire pressure should not be too full, so as to increase the contact area between the tire and the road,it can reduce the risk of sideslip.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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