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What are the details of riding an electric bike in rainy days?

What are the details of riding an electric bike in rainy days?

Rainy days will bring a lot of inconvenience to riding electric bikes,there are many details that need more attention.The following is a specific introduction of "What are the details of riding an electric bike in rainy days".
1.Don't wade
The motor, controller, battery and other important parts of the electric bike are generally waterproof. It doesn't matter if they are wet by rain, but this doesn't mean that the electric bike can move through the water. Don't rush where there is serious water accumulation, and try to detour. If it is necessary to pass through, try to choose some roads with shallow water, and the water depth should not exceed half of the wheel, because the electric motor is located in the middle of the wheel center of the rear wheel. Once the motor is affected with damp or water, it is very likely to cause a series of problems, such as horn failure, brake failure, and controller failure.
2.Dry in time after rain
When the electric bike is stored in the open air, it is better to remove and put the battery indoors. After the electric bike is in the rain, don't put the battery connect the power supply,it may cause short circuit. After heavy rain, the electric bike can be put in a ventilated place to dry. Before the battery is put in and powered on, the battery and the connection socket should be wiped clean with a rag or paper towel.
3、Chain to remove rust
If the electric bike chain gets rusty after the rain, the rust spot can be wiped off with the cleaning agent first, and then washed with diesel oil, so that the rust can be easily removed. In addition, you can also put some castor seeds to wipe electric bikes, which can make the rims and spokes smooth and shiny, and also play a part in rust prevention.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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