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What are the riding equipment for electric bike?

What are the riding equipment for electric bike?

If you want to experience the fun of riding, the purchasing of the professional and comfortable riding equipment is a major question,and it can ensure rider's safety as well.The following is a specific introduction of "What are the riding equipment for electric bike".
The speed of electric bicycles is much faster than bicycles, but the rider usually used to the speed of ordinary bicycles, and may not respond correctly to some emergencies, so it's necessary to use helmets to protect the head. In addition, higher speed also means that it could be very dangerous if it is in an accident, so the helmet is very worthy of consideration.
2.Spare tire
Even if you get well prepared ahead of time to protect your tires, a flat tire is inevitable. Therefore, a spare tire will help you at a critical juncture.
3.Protective equipment
An electric bicycle rider should wear protective equipment(knee-pads and elbow-pads) when riding.Rider should not only choose a good helmet to protect their head, but also have a good knee-pads and elbow-pads to protect their elbows and knees.Elbow and knee are the important joints of the human, which will be difficult to recover once injured, so it is particularly important for riders to choose a good set of elbow pads and knee pads.
4.Sunscreen sleeve
Most people travel in short sleeves in summer. Although it is cool to wear, but exposed arms are particularly vulnerable to UV rays. Wearing sunscreen sleeves can effectively isolate UV rays. Therefore, electric bicycle riders must wear a pair of sunscreen sleeve.
The above information is for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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