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What are the structure and common faults of electric bike?

What are the structure and common faults of electric bike?

The structure of electric bike includes dynamical part, body part, controller part, charger part and Electric instruments,etc, some common faults should also be noted. The following is the specific introduction of the "Structure and common faults of electric bike".
Ⅰ.Structure of electric bike
1. Dynamical part
It is the central part of electric bicycle and the source of power. Its can affect the power and economy directly. It consists of motor and battery.
2. Body part
Connect all parts of the electric bicycle into a whole. It is mainly composed of vehicle type, front and rear shock absorbers and wheels, cushion, etc.
3. Controller part
Control the motor speed and protect the electrical system of the whole vehicle.
4. Charger part
There are many kinds and structures are roughly the same. Generally, it is composed of rectifier module, filter module, overvoltage and overcurrent protection module, pulse charging circuit, PWM circuit, ac/dc power conversion circuit, etc., it can convert 220V mains power into about 300V DC voltage.
5. Electric instruments: provide lighting and send out sound and light signals to ensure the safety of electric bicycles.
Ⅱ. Common faults of electric bike
1. The motor doesn't work
When the battery voltage is in the critical state of undervoltage, it will turn and stop.This fault can also occur if the battery connector is in bad contact.
2. The fuse is burnt out, the power cord and the battery socket fall off or have poor contact, and the converter is damaged.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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