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What do you know about the Fat Tire Ebike?

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When we shop for ebikes you may often see monsters with huge tyres - Fat Tire ebikes.
Typically the Fat Tire Ebike comes with a set of 3.0-4.0IN wide rubber tyres. These tyres are a type of off-road tyre and can also be called snow or beach tyres.
With these tyres the ebike looks bigger and bulkier, just like a motorbike. Therefore you will also find that many electric bikes with fat tyres look like vintage motorbikes or motocross bikes.
In fact, the fat tyre ebike is not as bulky as it looks, usually weighing around 30kg, which is only moderately heavy for an ebike.
In the CEAYA Ebike Store you can easily find fat-tire ebikes such as the WL01, MX02S, MX04, RX80, RX50, RX20, R8S, R7 and many more.

Are fat tyres bulky to ride?

Fat tyre ebikes are usually equipped with a powerful rear motor. This makes it as easy to ride as a normal bike and you don't have to worry at all about not being able to handle it, as the front section is also very flexible. Fat tyres also have a number of benefits, such as a larger contact area with the ground due to their wider tyres, which also gives the rider more stability when riding at high speeds. The larger contact area also results in more grip, which is more suitable for riders to use to overcome extreme road conditions such as sand and snow.

Is the Fat ebike suitable for all?

Fat ebikes are suitable for everyone, but it is recommended that you choose the right size ebike for your height. the more common electric fat bikes are usually 20" and 26". 20" is suitable for riders over 160cm, while 26" is suitable for riders over 165cm.

More and more cyclists are getting interested in the Fat tire electric bicycle, so if you are interested in it too, then get your ebike and get it right.

For more information, please contact the CEAYA EBIKE shop online.
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