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What is the effect of electric bikes exposed in the sun?

What is the effect of electric bikes exposed in the sun?

Many people like to park electric bikes at will for convenience, and even park in the sun for a long time. The following is a specific introduction of "What is the effect of electric bikes exposed in the sun".
1. Increase the probability of charging the drum
Exposure to the sun will increase the internal temperature of the electric bike battery. When the user rides again, the original high temperature battery temperature will become higher. The main reason is that the battery will release a lot of heat during operation, which will speed up the battery's water loss, reduce its life, and even lead to the situation of charging.
2. The tire aging speed is accelerated and the possibility of burst is increased
The main reason is that the tire is made of rubber material, and its stability will decline when exposed to high temperature. In addition, due to the poor quality of some electric bike tires, they may burst after exposure to the sun.
3. Motor overheating and short circuit fault
Finally, it may cause motor short circuit fault under sunlight. The main reason is that the motor will overheat due to high temperature exposure. Once the motor has quality problems or aging problems, it will directly have a short circuit fault, which will hinder the operation of the electric bike, resulting in insufficient power or other problems.
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