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What's the difference between electric bike and traditional bike?

What's the difference between electric bike and traditional bike?

Bicycle is the most environmentally friendly means of transportation in the low-carbon life advocated by the country. With the development of science and technology, there are ordinary electric bicycles, intelligent power assisted bicycles, hybrid electric bicycles and others,each one has its own characteristics.The following is a specific introduction of "What's the difference between electric bike and traditional bike".
1、Difference in dynamics
The power of traditional bicycles mainly relies on human power, it need to step on the pedal to drive the spokes to rotate, which requires more physical strength. Electric bikes are the extension of bicycles, which used batteries as auxiliary energy to realize human riding and electrical power. Therefore, the electric bicycle adds a power assist system for the bicycle,the aim is to make it easier to ride.
2、Difference in materials
The common materials of ordinary bicycle frames are carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel or a mixture of these materials. The casing of electric bicycle is generally made of ABS engineering plastic, which is processed by painting and baking.
3、Difference in weight
There are many categories of traditional bicycles, like the weight of cross-country bike is 10-15 kg; The mountain bike is 14-16 kg; Street bikes are usually about 7-15 kg. The total weight of electric bike is usually between 50-100 kg.
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