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SKU: Battery-RX90

Electric bike battery 48V17.5AH for RX90/RX10

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This battery is a special battery and is not universal for all e-bikes. Please make sure that your e-bike model is compatible with this battery before purchasing.

Sizes are measured manually and may be subject to error. Please do not mind.

Notes on using the battery:
1. when the battery is not used for a long time, please store it in a dry, cool and ventilated place.
2. when you charge the battery, it should also be charged in the above environment, please do not charge it in a closed environment such as a bedroom or kitchen.
3. when charging indoors, please pay attention to the charging status. If you unplug the charger when charging is finished, on the one hand, you will prevent the battery from being overcharged and effectively extend its life. On the other hand, you can make the power consumption safer.
4. the range of the battery in the cold season will be slightly worse than in the warm season, this is due to the characteristics of lithium batteries and is a normal phenomenon.



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Use For
  • Special battery: 48V17.5Ah e-bike battery for e-bikes of the RX90/RX10series. If you are not sure whether your e-bike fits, please contact our customer service.
  • Removable battery: The battery can be removed for charging or charged directly on the e-bike.
  • Intelligent protection: The built-in BMS protection board prevents overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent and short-circuit to ensure the long-term use of the bike motor and e-bike battery.
  • Energy status indicator: You can read the battery's energy status in real time after long pressing the power switch on the battery.
  • Long battery life: When the battery is fully discharged, it can be recharged to 100% in 6-7 hours. Built-in high quality brand lithium cells, the battery life is about 10-12 months or 1200 charge and discharge cycles.

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