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What are the skills of riding an electric bike?

What are the skills of riding an electric bike?

Electric bike are quiet and spew no emissions. When you ride an electric bike, we should pay attention to the speed,emergency brake and overload, etc.The following is a specific introduction of "What are the skills of riding an electric bike".
1.Constant and medium speed
A electric bike needs a lot of power to go fast. The high-speed need more power, and also bad for motors, controllers, tires and other components, extreme speed is not only bad for the electric bike, but also consumes more power. It's better to keep a constant and medium speed.
2.About emergency brake
Emergency brake is not only dangerous, but also can cause the malfunction, it might hurt yourself or others,and when you riding again,it can't start.
3.Keep constant and medium speed to go up the slope
Some people think the speed should not fast when you up the slope, you should to ride smoothly. In fact, it lead to the gravity down when you ride too slowly,it will consume more power. Therefore, when you go up the slope, you should keep a constant and medium speed.
In recent years, it is quite common for electric bike to overload in the city.Overload can consumes more power, and in under the action of gravity acceleration, increase the electric bike motion inertia, led directly to the brake failure.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.
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