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Product Description

Electric Folding Bike R8S
Foldable / Shimano 8 Speed /20*4.0IN Fat Tires

The CEAYA Electric Bike R8S is a foldable commuter ebike. 20IN tyres with a curved frame design and easy handling are its most prominent features, making the ebike suitable for most people, such as youths, seniors, women or those who don't like the large size of Ebikes. With this ebike, you can stop worrying about traffic jams, ride uphill sections with ease and enjoy your riding time.

Easy Assembly:
90% of the parts are already assembled before shipping, you just need to simply install the handlebars, saddle, pedals and other simple accessories,then you are ready to ride. ebike electrical parts are guaranteed for 1 year and we usually deliver the product within 5-10 days, whether you have any technical or service questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide a video tutorial or professional guidance.

Special Note On Logos:
Due to the branding strategy, our products may use different logos in different countries and regions, electric bikes logo are usually shipped randomly from the warehouse. If you receive an e-bike with a logo that does not match the one on the detail page, please do not worry, this does not affect your normal use of the e-bike and we assure you that the quality,models, configuration and warranty policy of all products are the same as described on the detail page. So please do not mind.


▪Folding Ebike: Made of lightweight and high-strength 6061 aluminium alloy, the frame can be easily folded in just 3 steps. The seat height is easily adjustable and the ebike has a net weight of approx. 25 KG and a maximum load of approx. 150 KG.

▪Electric Trekking Bike: The curved tube construction gives the ebike R8S better commuting properties. You don't need to lift your legs to get on the E-bike as you do on an electric mountain bike, and it's easy to get on even with a skirt. This is perfect for older people or female riders.

▪Electric Commuter Bike: the CEAYA Electric Bike R8S can be fitted with a front basket and rear rack, both of which are available to you as a bonus. This way you can make your electric bicyle even more practical, whether it's a trip to the supermarket or taking your pet out with you, it will meet your needs.

▪Powerful Electric Bike: The powerful rear hub high-speed brushless motor delivers 80 N-M of auxiliary power. When the motor is activated, you also activate the assist mode while pedalling, which saves you 50% of the riding power. So you can overcome hills with ease and have plenty of energy to ride further!

▪Dual Disc Brake Ebike: R8S features a new brake system with hydraulic brakes that eliminate the need for frequent maintenance of the cable brakes, and the Shimano 8-speed shifter makes the ride even more fun.

Mechanical Configuration

▪Frame Material:Aluminum alloy
▪Wheel Size(IN):
▪Suspension Type:
Front Suspension
▪Brake Type:
Dual Disc Brake
▪Net Weight(KG):
▪Rear Luggage Rack:

Electronic Configuration

▪Instrument:Colorful LCD-Display
▪Motor Type:Rear hub motor
▪Motor Output Power:800W
▪Number of Motor Assist Levels:5
▪Battery Capacity:20.0Ah
▪Lighting Configuration:LED Headlight+LED Tailight

What Is In The Box

Rear Rack, Electric Bike, Manual, Front Basket, Charger, LED Headlight, Tool

Electric Bike Size Chart

It is suitable for many people who love to ride. Recommended height is:

160-195cm / 5.24-6.40ft


Max Load:150KG