We regret that you still need to return the product. You can submit a return request through this window.

Please refer to the following content for the return application content
- Your order number
- The reason for your return
- Please provide corresponding photos or videos

Please note the following points when submitting or your application may be rejected:
1. Please ensure that your product is within the return guarantee period (14 natural days after receiving the goods).
2. Please explain the specific reason for your return.
3. Please provide corresponding photo or video evidence.
In order not to affect your refund rights, please ensure the following points when you use a logistics service provider to return products:
1. You have obtained written approval from CEAYA regarding your return request.
2. You have packed all the items you received into the box and properly restored the original packaging so that it can be shipped.
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We explain the return and exchange process to you through the diagram below.