CEAYA is a fashionable and eco-friendly electric bike brand dedicated to bringing the ideal cycling experience to everyone who loves cycling.
CEAYA is constantly updating and improving its product category structure, including commuter ebikes, recreational ebikes, mountain ebikes, etc. Both men, women and children can choose the right electric bicycle.
Usually buyers in the EU can receive their desired electric bikes within 5-10 days.

Our electric bicycle assembly workshop covers an area of 1,500 square meters and has a monthly production capacity of about 1,000 units. OEM batch customization can be supported. If you have customization needs, please contact us.
We attach great importance to the structure of the product market, and we hope to provide buyers with a "one-stop" service for buying ebike as much as possible, so we also establish partnerships with other high-quality ebike suppliers, so that everyone who wants to buy electric Bike customers find the right electric bike for them.

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