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How does electric power assist work?

How does electric power assist work?

The motor drive system of an electric bicycle is what sets it apart from other bicycles and usually consists of three parts: the sensor, the controller and the motor.
When the rider pedals, the sensor senses how hard and fast the rider is pedalling and transmits the monitored speed, pedalling frequency, torque and other information to the controller, which calculates and issues commands to control the motor. It is worth noting that most motors do not act directly on the drivetrain, the motor outputs power at a high speed and low torque and requires a reduction system to amplify the torque while keeping the output speed close to the pedalling frequency of the human leg (mid-motor) or the speed of the wheelset (hub motor).
The e-bikes available at the CEAYA ebike store are all equipped with electric assistance, e.g. RX80, RX50, RX20, MX05, MX04, L02, etc.
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