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Electric Bike Battery 48V15AH For Ebike H26

$445.00 USD
Frais de livraison calculés lors du paiement.
Type: Lithium battery
Parameters: 48V
Charging time: 5-6H
Case material: aluminium alloy
Weight: approx. 4KG
Warranty: 180Day

Please Note
1. Please use a match charger to charge the battery. Charging time should not exceed 6 hours.
2. It is strictly forbidden to put the battery into water or fire and avoid being near heat sources. It is strictly forbidden to use metal and conductive materials to connect the charging and discharging ports.
3. If you do not use the battery for a long period of time, keep the battery charge between 40% and 70%. It is recommended to charge the battery once every two months. Otherwise, the battery may be damaged and this irreversible damage is not covered by the warranty.
4. Please keep these products and accessories in a safe place and keep them away from children.
5. Unauthorised self-repair and modification of parts may result in damage to the product and such man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.
6. Please use this product in accordance with local laws, regulations and restrictions.

If you are not sure if the battery is suitable for your e-bike, please send us an email. The content of the email contains as much detail as possible about the parameters of your e-bike.
For example, the make and model; or if the old battery removed has certain parameters on it, simply take a photo and send it to us.

Conditions d’utilisation :

Livraison :

  • 🚢 Shipping from China,delivery in 18-23 days
Use for
  • Battery lock: The battery comes with an anti-theft key, while the keyhole can control the power switch, the key is turned to "ON" to start the battery
  • Type: Lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 15Ah
  • Case material: aluminium alloy
  • Special Battery: Suitable for specified e-bikes, please make sure the battery matches your e-bike and choose the corresponding model before purchase, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service.

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