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CEAYA's newest addition for 2024 - Folding Ebike A20

CEAYA ebike production and R&D team is planning to release several flagship products in 2024, with the main usage scenario of the products positioned as cost-effective commuter bikes. Available in 26" and 20" models, they come standard with a 20AH battery to give you a longer range.

Let's start by unveiling the spy shots of the codename A20

About A20

We won't be able to know its full parametric configuration until it's officially released.

It is reported that A20 is a foldable ebike, the main consideration is practicality-oriented, the use of the scene is urban roads.
Here is what is known so far:
In terms of electrical system, A20 is planned to have two versions of power system for different markets and needs: 500W and 250W.
The battery is a Samsung Li-ion battery with a capacity of 20AH, removable design, and with a separate battery switch for more effective power saving.



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