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Electric Bike Meter KT-LCD8

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Easy To Install & Adjust:This bicycle meter becomes portable when mounted on your handlebar; it is the ideal companion for your bike computer; after adjusting the screws to 80% tightness, adjust the meter up and down to your personal preference Specify the angle, and the firm adjustment function is very handy. When you want a sturdy meter that won't come loose easily in any situation, you only need to tighten the screws 100%, and the stable and sturdy design looks great.

Equipped With Intelligent Chip:stable performance - no data loss when power off, accurate and easy-to-control readings, with zero-to-five-speed standby speed regulation function mode, safe and stable. When the gear is 0, the electric car is in bicycle mode. When the gear is adjusted to 1-5, it can automatically switch to the electric vehicle mode to assist riding, which is very user-friendly.

Basic skills: memory function, speed trend, SPD current speed, ODO odometer, DST travel distance, MXS maximum speed, AVS average speed, TM rip riding time, TEM temperature, color font display, KM, M optional

Use for Ebike WL01



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  • 【Powerful Smart Design】Simple operation allows people to track the distance and distance of outdoor riding in real time. Simple to operate, it is convenient for people to track distance, top speed, average speed, driving time, calorie consumption, temperature, stopwatch, maintenance, etc. in real time. For more function details, please refer to the product manual.
  • 【Applicable to a wide range of handlebar sizes and easy installation]】Install the meter and fix it in the middle of the handlebar, and the independent control button connected to the meter is installed and fixed beside the handlebar on the left side of the handlebar, which is convenient to control the bicycle computer at any time. Different sizes of handlebars can be used with fixed rubber pads to fit any size bicycle handlebar
  • 【BIGGER SCREEN AND CLEAR READING】: 3.5 inch color LCD display, the numbers are big enough to be clearly visible no matter day or night
  • 【Waterproof Guarantee】: Keep moving in the worst weather, with fully sealed design, waterproof body allows you to carry your bike computer with you in any environment or weather, wired design allows you more accurate speed and rhythm tracking, it is specially designed Designed for cycling enthusiasts, it can replace the mobile phone to track the cycling speed and distance, and observe the cycling status at any time.
  • 【Suitable for most bikes】Suitable for all types of bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, regular bikes. The perfect equipment can also be used for hiking, climbing and many other fun, adventurous outdoor activities.

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