Bike Rear Suspension 750lbs

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Product Description

This Bike Rear Suspension is designed to effectively reduce vibrations on your ebike's rear wheel. With a maximum load capacity of 750lbs, it provides reliable shock absorption for a smoother ride. Make sure this suspension is compatible with your ebike and contact a customer service representative if needed.


▪Application: Bicycle shock absorber for e-bikes

▪Load: 750 lbs

▪Material: rear shock absorber high quality aluminium alloy, CNC precision, anodised surface, wear and corrosion resistant.

▪Performance: Shock absorption controlled by spring system, more even and stable damping, long service life; has the same damping effect as pneumatic damping, relatively low price.

▪Note: This is a special shock absorber for ebike on sale at CEAYA shop, if you are not sure if your ebike is suitable please contact our online customer service in advance before buying.