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When should we replace the battery of electric bike?

When should we replace the battery of electric bike?

Batteries are the power source of electric bike, it relate to the endurance of electric bikes, and even determines the life of electric bike.The following is a specific introduction of "When should we replace the battery of electric bike".

1.If the actual discharge capacity of electric bike battery is lower than 60% of the rated capacity and unable to repair, the battery can be replaced. Because when the battery capacity down to 60%, it could induce performance degradation, and components would aging and malfunctions,so it could be dangerous if mishandled.
2.When the electric bike is charged, the battery is overheat. It is normal that the battery might be hot when charging. But if it is serious heat,it could be the softening of positive plate, shedding of active material,and internal resistance is increasing. In case like that,the self discharge of battery is very quickly, it leads to major insecurity. Self discharge performance is one of the important properties.
3. If there is any phenomenon of damage, deformation and etc on the rechargeable battery, it can not be used,prevent battery short circuit. When it's happens, replace the batteries.
The above information for your reference, please contact us if you have any questions.

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