Bicycle Rear Triangular Lower Fork for Ebike WL01

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Product Description

This is a special fork construction for the Ebike WL01.

When are you likely to need it?

As most of the scenarios for soft-tail mountain bike use are likely to be extreme (e.g. potholed mountain roads). In general, the fork can be damaged when the metal of the frame is fatigued to its limit or if it is used incorrectly (e.g. jumping over a roadblock at high speed).
In this case you can use it to replace your fork.
Special note:
1. The fork is not universal, if your ebike is not a WL01 model, please do not buy it.
2. The spare parts do not come with any decals on the outside.


▪Material: Aluminium

▪Applicable bikes: Ebike WL01

▪Decals: none

▪Colour: Black

▪Shipment list: lower fork and screw attachment (if applicable)