Electric Bike Battery for RX50/RX80

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Product Description

Dedicated battery for ebike RX50 / RX80, please make sure that this battery matches your ebike model before you buy, you are welcome to consult online customer service to determine whether the battery can be used for your ebike.

Battery type: Lithium battery
Battery weight: 4.5KG
Battery parameters: 48V 17.5AH 840Wh


Warranty Information
180-day warranty

(1) Please use a dedicated charger for charging;
(2) Do not reverse the positive and negative poles;
(3) There is a safety device in the battery pack. To ensure safety, please do not dissect or change the structure of the battery;
(4) It is forbidden to use metal to directly short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes.
(5) It is strictly forbidden to immerse the battery in water. When not in use, it should be placed in a cool and dry environment.
(6) Dear buyer, please check the size of the electric bicycle and the battery before placing the order. If the size does not match the description of our item, please contact customer service to customize the size that is more suitable for you, thank you!
(7) If you do not use the battery for 2 months, please fully charge the battery and charge the battery before use.


▪Power Indicator: Press the on/off button to check the battery level

▪Card-brush discharge port: a safer and more stable discharge port.

▪Charging port:Waterproof design of the charging port.

▪Easy To Install:The installation is simple,only 3 Steps, it can be directly charged on an electric bicycle, or it can be disassembled and charged at home or office.

▪Lockable & Anti-theft:The lithium battery has a key anti-theft lock, which can be locked after installation to prevent disassembly.