Front wheelset for Ebike WL01

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Product Description

This front wheelset is the perfect replacement for your Ebike WL01. Its quick-release design makes installation efficient and hassle-free. 


▪Size: 26*4.0"

▪Wheelset includes: outer tyre, inner tube, brake disc (160mm), spokes, quick release axle, rim.

▪Use: To replace the ebike front wheel set

▪Assembly instructions: We have assembled all the wheelset parts for you before delivery. 80% of the air pressure may be deflated due to shipping, you can inflate the tyres after receiving the goods. Then you can use it directly. (Please increase the air pressure according to the recommended values on the outer tyre when inflating.)

▪Note: Special accessories, if you are not sure if your ebike is suitable, please contact customer service to check the ebike model for you.